Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TMPW Session #63: John Gamel's "Trust"

John Gamel's script, "," brought on one of the liveliest workshops we've ever done! First, the reading was such fun, and Arthur Holden, Cate Vincent and Christian Vincent did a wonderful job with John's characters.

John's introduction of his script opened the workshop to the kind of response that is so much fun to be a part of: a mature, engaged author seeking solid responses, even if, as Gamel reveals in his opening lines of introduction, his wife thought the two female characters wouldn't interact the way his script portrays them. So, with that opening, we, too, got to test our notions of character-believability and plot progression.

It was such a fun workshop, and the script is somewhat controversial, but I've learned that John is an author who is willing to push the edges, and enjoys the openness of TMPW as the mature author that he is. I love workshopping John's scripts; he is always ready for the analysis and critique that makes workshopping such fun! (You can experience more of John's work in and .)

My thanks to John for sharing another one of his pieces, and to Arthur, Cate and Christian for workshopping the piece with me!

You can of the session.

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